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August 8, 2009



Features For The Week of 8/09/09

Sat Aug 8, 2009, 6:48 PM
  • Mood: Defeated
  • Listening to: Zeraphine & Entwine
  • Reading: rereading "Breaking Dawn"
  • Watching: Sammy
  • Playing: with my glasses
  • Eating: Carvel
  • Drinking: Agua
Features For The Week of 8/09/09
I just can't believe it's August!  :faint:

Concrete Still Life by zuckerblau Fresh blood by Brute-ua :thumb131807609:
Hey... by ivya-cz 104 by felixlu
Biological by absence-is-steel The Giver by monkettes ...of ruins and red nightfall by DarkVenusPersephonae
:thumb126697141: :thumb126693655:
The Face by KeepWaiting Origami by iomaSaty
furious by theluckynine
:thumb126646384: Surrender by Syboro Cell Mates by Alt-Images
Pagoda, Xi'an by JeanFan West Lake, Hangzhou by JeanFan
:thumb128602125: The Days We Battle Stars by lepersabstain :thumb128560226:
go forth levi's by johnberd Chillin' by Wild-Soul
crystal clear by insuh the Animal Training Harlot by Ghouldaddy :thumb128550328:
:thumb129461172: Art of the Fugue by EricForFriends
... secret ... by lordceleborn :thumb128544394: :thumb128577675:
doucement by quadratiges you make me stay by SabrinaCichy
:thumb128536161: ireland 2 by binarymind :thumb128011234:
"Freshness of the Cold" OIL by Leonidafremov Ireland by BlueFire-Siren
Two boys, Lots of Dinos by azurecorsair :thumb129953406: control by aeravi
:thumb101009563: Mornings by Anna-April
:thumb129232404: Sunlight spots by AidaBabayeva auris felis by OnurY
Remorse by Chaerul-Umam Kissing air by disposable-heroX
angel of gloom by davenemeth Little Pixie by MrSyn .dance away the blues III by FreakingMuse
paranoia by ChuTuliu :thumb129833054:
e r _ w 2889 by gnato One Love by writevli Spectrum by mouvement
The secret by Ophelia-Overdose G I G B A G by HerrBuchta
:thumb129238823: Breaking Free by Alexandru1988 invero blues. by ang3llor3
after the concert by grace-note time to stroll by m-lucia
Insomnia by grace-note Happiness by grace-note
Scarlet Fever Tara by gothfox Alex - Antiseptic by lithiumpicnic :thumb129229879:
White guest. by daunhaus ... to the sea I by Alyz
Long time friends by CarpeSav Bugged 3 by pedroluispalencia let down by aeravi
Treasure World by AnitaSadowska :thumb127590645:
k _w _bh_ by gnato The Puppet Mistress by andrewfphoto
Dog and Human are Friends. by Bunnis
Jane Bennett 2 by lloydhughes
Celina - 1 by Foto-Graf84 Chobits by beethy if only by NoirFeu
miniature by theluckynine :thumb126568103:
Icon by miss-mosh :thumb127513543:
Ducky by PaulMcKinnon 02265 by einnnnn
UT1044 by Y4why .:Zeus:. by neslihans
Perfume 2 by Raipun we can be heroes by lomby79 slide smoke by kumimonster
:thumb127879661: :thumb126490335:
:thumb71351441: Jodee Knowles 4 by lloydhughes
the Lost Soul by iDarkBrown Earl Sinclair by Sotherby
Simply a friend II by skeev Fight Club4 by tomislav-moze
Morrigan of Valediction and.. by PreciousLittle MFC Ribbon Corset by ladymorgana :thumb126600039:
:thumb127517112: Herr Hildezart and the... by hoschie
LIL by Dr-Benway Ms. Damaclese by andrewfphoto Gothica by DarkVenusPersephonae
Depth Perception by Disassembly-Boy La Maliarda by NaagromFrancobvitch

Jeannie's News & Notes:

I've been acting like a child and refusing to go see the doctor all week long. :crying: Which means that another week is gone and my hand is still aching and I'm still :pills: and :sick:. Oh well. Maybe this week I'll get my ass in gear . . .

(1) Daily Deviations. This week has been DD-tastic! :dance: If you were paying attention, you probably already know that on 8/04 I suggested THREE of the day's DDs. :woohoo:

Here's a recap for the week of all my suggestions that successfully made it to DD status:

El funcionamiento de una mosca by novac & :thumb125854176:
featured by Majnouna / featured by Nyx-Valentine

:thumb126922833: & Captive Princess by Alt-Images
featured by cosfrog / featured by opioid

The Heiress VI. by BladeRennard
featured by orangefruits

(2) How To Suggest A Daily Deviations</i>. As I was finally finishing up my little How-To, I discovered this:

Suggesting DDs For Dummies by Thiefoworld

“Suggesting A DD For Dummies” covers everything you need to know. So check that out and get suggesting! :nod: Even if you only have time to suggest 1 DD every few weeks, let me tell you, it still feels AMAZING when you know that you have done something nice for a worthy fellow artist. :heart:

(3) New Semi-Weekly Feature. I decided to put together a new feature for art that I have suggested for DDs, but has not yet been selected for this honor. "A Hint of a Lingering Suggestion" will be semi-weekly, authored as time allows. For a glance at the third installment, visit:…

(4) “Let’s Play With Ketchup” continues to be my most popular feature yet! Can you believe it has been 17 weeks since this saga first began? :faint:

Week 17:…
Week 16:…
Week 13-15:… &… &…
Week 10-12:… &… &…
Week 7-9:… &… &…
Week 4-6:… &… &…
Weeks 1-3:… &… &…

(5) Warm Bodies Needed! Okay, well, that would really be "Models Needed". I have a dozen or so projects that I would really, really like to get rolling on and I'm in need of those that are interested in more conceptual art: art for the sake of art, not just looking pretty. Specifically, I am searching for ladies and gents aged 18+ (with preference to 21+) who are willing to do some art nude work (mostly outdoors); female models open to dark/macabre and fetish-oriented imagery (shot in various abandonments); female models aged 18+ open to some slightly sexy/risque imagery (light bondage, domination themes, latex & leather, foot fetish, see-through clothing, etc.); and any models open to artistic-based conceptual ideas. All of these shoots would be TFCD for you. I am open to men and women of all shapes and sizes, professional or non-professional models, but require that you are taking the shoot on out of a legitimate intrigue...not just to get free photographs for your MySpace/Facebook. If you are interested, please e-mail me at If you know someone who might be interested, please feel free to pass this information along.

(6) Back To The Future. I always find it tacky when artists author a huge feature and stick in 30 of their newest deviations. Clearly if you're reading this, you probably have some kind of idea of what my latest works look like, right? :pray: Of course, I do still love to promote my own work :heart:, so let's compromise. Each week in this journal, I'm going to toss out ONE piece of my art that's over one year old. This way, we can all look back in time and laugh at how horrible my technique was; smile at a piece that is still a gem; or simply reminisce about a past model that we all adored. So let's roll! :clap:

Week 4 - Nucking Futs

Nucking Futs by Jeannieblue

I always love working with Lindsey. When I suggest anything crazy, she always seems to be able to take it one step further. As was clearly the case when I said, "Want to shoot in a laundromat? With roller-skates?" :giggle: She jumped for it and brought along a crazy bright wardrobe and the infamous banana that made it into some of the shots.

And of course, I cannot sign off for the week without first taking a moment to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY, dA!!! :party: Nine years-old! :eyepopping: Wow! Pretty soon you'll be a teenage rebel, then it'll be 18 and out-of-control and then . . . 21 and Vegas, baby, Vegas! :party: :giggle:

Dead Is The New Alive,

Jeannie B.

Skunk Poot by Momma--GSkunk Poot by Momma--GSkunk Poot by Momma--G

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